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Instantly identify customers, 'people of interest' or VIPs.

Display real-time information relating to the subject.


Validate individuals based on facial biometrics.

Sub-second detection & recognition time.


Report on customer demographics - including volume, gender and age.


Instantly identify 'People of Interest' & deliver regulatory compliance.

Safeguard your business against crime.


Be alerted via WhatsApp or email when certain individuals enter your premises.

Generate real-time business insight to power growth.


Core recognition engine with World Class speed and accuracy.

Central cloud database for multi-site installations.
About ClientScan

ClientScan – AI power to detect and recognise people.

Capture insight.
Comply with regulations. Power growth.

Based on deep learning technology and trained on hundreds of thousands of images, ClientScan is one of the world’s most advanced face detection and recognition systems.
Training model of more than 800,000 images
of > 99%
Central Cloud
Deploy on low cost hardware and use existing cameras


Our advanced artificial intelligence models provide an exceptional level of accuracy - exceeding human levels of recognitition on large data sets.


ClientScan has been tested with a database of over 20,000 subjects.

Detection and Recognition time < 400 milli-Seconds.


ClientScan provides high level security, privacy and data protection. We have a 'Security First' approach to development.


ClientScan has been thoroughly tested and is approved by Microsoft.

Low Cost

ClientScan runs on standard Microsoft Windows PCs with USB or RTPS / IP webcams.

Fast deployment

Download and install from the Microsoft App Store in just a few clicks.

Ongoing development

Significant ongoing development to ensure continual improvement in accuracy, speed and functionality.


Integrate with existing systems with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us at contact@clientscan.co.uk if you cannot find an answer to your question.
How does ClientScan work?
TakeNote FAQ
ClientScan uses AI, Convolutional Neural Networks, Machine learning and cloud computing.

ClientScan captures a video stream from a standard video camera and performs real-time face detection.   Once a face is detected the application searches a database of known customers and displays relevant information - such as Customer Names and date of last visit and/or sale.

How does ClientScan know about 'people-of-interest'?
TakeNote FAQ

ClientScan captures a video stream from a standard video camera and performs real-time face detection.   Once a face is detected the application searches a face database and displays relevant information - such as Customer names and date of last visit or self exclusion period.

ClientScan uses Convolution Neural Networks to perform accurate and high speed matching - even for very large datasets of > 10,000 images.

Our solution also has a web front end and cloud database.

The web front end allows individuals to upload their own images for the purpose of self exclusion.

Can ClientScan assist me with regulatory compliance?
TakeNote FAQ


Certain premises (examples include betting shops, casino's and Bingo Halls) are required by law (in the UK) to comply with the Gaming Commission Self Exclusion regulations.  

Client Scan can facilitate this by alerting staff when gamblers who have elected to Self Exclude enter the premises.



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