Camera Resolution
We recommend a minimum camera resolution of 1080p.

The face detection and face recognition processes are very dependent upon high quality images.  Low resolution webcams (eg 720p) will work - but accuracy of face detection and recognition may be lower than required.
Why does Client Scan report 'No Camera Found'?
Microsoft Windows only allows one application at a time to consume the video feed from a webcam.  Please ensure Client Scan is the only application running that is trying to access your camera.
Face detection and Face recognition isn't accurate enough for my needs.
Face detection and recognition can be affected by multiple factors, including :

- Camera quality and resolution
- Background light (that reduces the contrast on the face)
- Irregular illumination of the face (eg if one side of this is lit up and the other side is in shadow)
- Face orientation- Size of the face within the camera frame

For best performance we recommend ensuring :

- Minimum camera resolution of 1080p
- Minimise background lighting behind the face
- Minimise side illumination of the face
- Try to position your camera so that the subjects face is as vertical as possible (ie the clients face is as you would expect to see it when talking to them face on)
- Try to ensure that the face is taking up at least one quarter of the height of the video stream displayed on the main page in the application

Recognition accuracy will reduce by around 30% if the face detected in mis-aligned by more than 10%.
WhatsApp notification doesn't work
Please go to the 'Settings' page and ensure your number is entered in international format  

For example : +447809120260
Client Scan takes a long time to initialise my camera
Some advanced digital camera have software that will take some time to load.  This is not an issue with Client Scan.

Please allow up to 2 minutes for your camera to load in the 'Home' screen.
I have recently upgraded my camera.  Will Client Scan work with images captured using my old camera?

However performance and accuracy will improve if images from your new camera are stored.
Running Client Scan causes my laptop fan to constantly run.
Detecting and recognising faces uses quite a lot of computing power - however CPU levels should be a maximum of 25% when running Client Scan.

Higher levels of CPU utilisation probably means that your PC is relatively old and should be upgraded.
Why does Client Scan report 'Camera Not Found' when I log back into Windows
Microsoft Windows has a 'Power Options'  setting that is found in Control Panel.

The Default Setting - when running a laptop on batteries - is to put the laptop into 'Sleep' mode after 10 minutes.  Many camera drivers will be disabled by Sleep Mode.

To avoid this - simply set the 'Never' option for Sleep Mode in Control Panel / Power Settings
Face Database Maintenance
We recommend frequently reviewing your Face Database and :

- deleting poor quality images
- removing duplicate / similar images (unless they are appropriately grouped under the same 'Client Name')
Camera placement advice
Face detection and recognition requires:

- faces to be aligned vertically (or 'face on')
- no strong backlighting
- minimal shadowing on the face

The longer the customers face is in the video feed - the higher the probability of an accurate match.

If the customers face appears very small in the video feed window then although it may be recognised the confidence level in an accurate match will be low.   It is therefore advisable to place your camera (and adjust any zoom function) so that the Customers face is of reasonable size within the video frame.
Camera installation
To ensure maximum face detection and recognition results, we recommend the following:

- Ensure the camera is located such that it can see customer faces at a point where direction of travel can be predicted. eg in an entrance/exit
- make sure the selected location has stable lighting conditions with good levels of illumination.
- avoid areas where there is a very bright backlight- ensure facial features can be seen by the camera
- make sure the 'field of vision' isn't too wide
Can customers be recognised when they are wearing glasses?
Client Scan uses Machine Learning to detect and recognise faces.

The detection software has been pre-trained by processing many thousands of face images - in doing so it learns the key features of a human face.

Some glasses, particularly those with a thick rim, can obscure these facial features and will make detection and recognition very poor.
Can Client Scan detect multiple faces simultaneously?

All detected faces in the video feed will be captured and compared to the faces stored in the Database.

The best two results will be shown on the main Client Scan application screen.
Where can I find out more about face detection and recognition software?
We recommend :
What about privacy legislation?
It is important to use face detection software in compliance with the law that applies in your location. Depending on local legislation, you may need to get consent to capture images of customers and to store their details.  As a minimum we would recommend placing a sign outside your premises that states you are operating a video surveillance system.

If you are unsure about what signage is required and where to position it, we recommend seeking expert advice or reviewing guidance on the Information Commissioner’s Office website.


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